circle-pest-control-icon-2How much do you know about termites? Did you know that a termite colony queen can live for about 45 years? And what is more astounding it that at maturity, she can lay over 2000 eggs per day!

Termites and the extent of damage they can cause:

Termites can be consider as one of the most troublesome and damage causing pest. They can create extensive damage to unprotected buildings and untreated wooden structures. Termites do not limit themselves only to wood, once they have entered a construction; they proceed to spoil other cellulosic materials like carpets, cloth, paper and more. By causing significant damage to the structure of your home as well as personal property, termites result in being a financial problem as well as risk to your safety.

If termites have remained undetected for a long time, they will have caused enough damage to the wooden structure that supports your house and to other valuable items – making it a far more expensive problem. Besides, if termites have already managed to eat through the wood that supports the walls, floors, ceilings and staircases, it creates safety hazards. Simple treatments to control termites carried out by the homeowner are ineffective and termite control by professionals is absolutely essential.

How to detect the presence of termites:

Termites have a habit of concealing themselves well. Very often their presence remains undetected until the wooden structures are severely damaged and the surface starts exhibiting changes. A periodic and thorough home inspection is highly recommended at least every 3-4 years.

If you notice any mud tubes, wood dust and tunnels or even see termites inside or outside, it is an indication of your home being at a risk of termite damage. But you do not have to worry if you find termite infestation – Pest Control Pros will design a plan for your property that will help you control the current infestation as well as prevent termites from re-appearing. By establishing an eco-friendly chemical barrier or a baiting system surrounding your structure, our termite prevention plan will help to take care of any future termite infestations.


Pest Control Professionals are highly experienced in conducting thorough pest and termite inspections throughout Melbourne. We are qualified and fully insured timber pest inspectors. We believe only in the very best: our pest inspectors are professional, our reporting is fully comprehensive and our communication with our clients is clear and precise. We make sure that we use simple and easy to comprehend terms when explaining our findings.

Professional timber and pest inspections is vital as detection of active termites can be concealed. In order to be certain that your investment remains safe and secure, it’s essential to have your property inspection undertaken by an experienced and qualified inspector who is well aware of how to assess the structural parts of the construction with accuracy. Our experienced consultants at Pest Control Professionals will ensure that you receive a full and in-depth assessment that meets your satisfaction.


Pest Control Pros provides you with 4 types of termite services:

* Termite Monitoring (low cost termite detection service only)
* Conducive Conditions Only (Low eco-impact and low priced service, with full warranty)
* Termite Warranty Program (Low cost with monthly warranty against termites)
* Full Home Treatment (Premium priced and thorough termite treatment, with full warranty)

Initial Service

First we provide you with a service that is designed to exterminate and flush the ADULT pests from your property and home. We conduct a complete interior and exterior service. This initial service begins to build a barrier that protects your home from pests on the lookout for shelter, food and water.

Egg Cycle Service

We follow up with our second service, which is the egg cycle service. The normal cycle of most insect eggs is to hatch 30 to 45 days after being laid. With this in mind, we return to your property after 30 to 45 days and spray our pest control in order to break the egg cycle. This egg cycle service is crucial in controlling the population of pests in and around your home.

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services are specifically designed to uphold the barrier created around your home and yard. As most family friendly pesticides are designed to break down in 60 days, we will return every 60 days to maintain this barrier and prevent pest from re-entering your property.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority and we do our best to ensure that any pest problem our customers encounter is taken care of professionally. We also provide every customer with free re-service in-between maintenance services, if the need arises. We pride ourselves at being the best pest control service in the industry.

As we are a small family owned business, we willingly customize our services to adjust to the requirements of each individual home. Although we use only family friendly products, they are still very effective on all pests, even the most persistent ones


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